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Near-Realtime TEC

Near-Realtime TEC plots for all stations.

Near-Realtime Ionograms

Near-Realtime Power Images from VIPIR's Ionosondes

LISN in the pursuit of forming a distributed observatory

LISN is a name that has gotten a place gradually in the scientific field. Its acronyms mean Low-Latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network, title which by itself, and describe the challenge of this project: To form a distributed observatory for the study of Ionospheric phenomena through a series of geophysical instruments installed at different points of South America.

LISN Magnetometer in Argentina

Bajo un convenio de cooperación entre el IGP y el Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito (CASLEO), se instaló en este lugar  el segundo magnetómetro construido —en el Radio Observatorio de Jicamarca (ROJ)— para el proyecto LISN.


»Paper - The Tropical Anomaly


»Colombia: Strengthening scientific air safety in the country


»LISN implements technique of monumentation at GPS stations


»First LISN Workshop Scientists, Engineers, Physicians and students from America met at Jicamarca Radio Observatory

» Designing and building a digital magnetometer to LISN project

» LISN instaló nueva estación de GPS en el Oriente peruano

» LISN, Operacional stage


»LISN, an international project

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