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The LISN database: description and initial results
Author(s): De La Jara, C.; Chau, J. L.; Espinoza, J. C.; Veliz, O.; Valladares, C.; Bullet, T.
Type of presentation: Poster
Conference: CEDAR Workshop 2009
Location: New Mexico - United States (2009)
The Low-latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network (LISN)
Author(s): Valladares, C. E.; Bullett, T.; Chau, J. L.; Ecles, J. V.; Kudeki, E.; Woodman, R. F.
Type of presentation: Oral
Conference: CEDAR Workshop 2008
Location: Zermatt - Utah - United States (2008)
The LISN distributed observatory The Deployment Phase
Author(s): Valladares, C.; Chau, J. L.; Eccles, V.; Kudeki, E.; Woodman, R.; Wright, B.; Zabotin, N.
Type of presentation: Oral
Conference: 2006 CEDAR Workshop
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico - United States (2006)
Total electron content over South America using LISN GPS data: 2007 climatology and special events
Author(s): Silvestre, E.; Valverde, J.; Condor, P.; Veliz, O.; Valladares, C.
Type of presentation: Poster
Conference: ISEA 12
Location: Creta - Greece (2008)
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