Events // JRO organize The First Ionosonde School

The goal of the first ionosonde school is to provide the necessary knowledge in software and hardware for the operation of the LISN ionosondes. Attendees come from Argentina, Colombia, Brasil and Bolivia, places where the LISN ionosondes are installed or will be installed in the near future.

Schedule (November 5th-14th, 2013)

Tuesday 06

- Ionosonde Hardware Description (T. Bullet)

Wednesday 07

- VIPIR ionosonde operations (T. Bullet)
- VIPIR programming and experiment design (C. De La Jara)

Monday 11

Space weather (C. Valladares)
Radar development at JRO (M. Inoñan)
- Ionosonde data processing (C. Valladares)
- All sky imager (L. Navarro)

Tuesday 12

- Fabri Perot Interferometers (L. Navarro)

Wednesday 13

Student presentation 1(C. Candido)
Student presentation (J. Barona)
- Radar data processing (D. Suarez)
- USRP development at JRO (R. Alonso)

Thursday 14

Software and Data

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