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»Global equatorial plasma bubble occurrence during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm  

»Interhemispheric propagation and interactions of auroral traveling ionospheric disturbances near the equator    

»On the mutual relationship of the equatorial electrojet, TEC and scintillation in the Peruvian sector    

»A new source of the midlatitude ionospheric peak density structure revealed by a new Ionosphere-Plasmasphere model    

»Observations of Conjugate MSTIDs using Networks of GPS Receivers in the American Sector  


»Polar cap patches observed during the magnetic storm of November 2003: observations and modeling  

»An effective TEC data detrending method for the study of equatorial plasma bubbles and traveling ionospheric disturbances    

»Ionosonde observations of ionospheric disturbances due to the 15 February 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor explosion    

»Asymmetry of the TEC Anomaly from the Meridional Neutral Wind and Equatorial Electrojet Perspectives    

»SWARM Observations of the Motion of Low-latitude Plasma Depletions Coordinated with Ground-based TEC Measurements  


»GPS Observation of Continent-size Traveling TEC Pulsations at the Start of Geomagnetic Storms  

»Radio-tomographic images of postmidnight equatorial plasma depletions    

»The longitudinal variability of equatorial electrojet and vertical drift velocity in the African and American sectors    

»Response of Total Electron Content on the Low Latitude Vertical E x B Drift over Peruvian Sector    

»Kriging method to perform scintillation maps based on measurement and GISM model   


»Comparison of equatorial GPS-TEC observations over an African station and an American station during the minimum and ascending phases of solar cycle 24  

»Flux tube analysis of L-band ionospheric scintillation    

»Ionospheric Time Delay Variations At An Equatorial Station During Low Solar Activity    

»Thesis - Ionospheric Specification and Forecasting    


»The Low-Latitude Ionosphere Sensor Network: Initial results

»Measurement of the Characteristics of TIDs Using Small and Regional Networks of GPS Receivers during the Campaign of 17–30 July of 2008    

»Latitudinal and Local Time Variation of Ionospheric Turbulence Parameters during the Conjugate Point Equatorial Experiment in Brazilr    

»Equatorial plasma bubbles and L-band scintillations in Africa during solar minimum    

»Impacts of ionospheric scintillations on GPS receivers intended for equatorial aviation applications  


»Lunar atmospheric tidal effects in the plasma drifts observed by the Low‐Latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network 

»Evolution of equatorial ionospheric plasma bubbles and formation of broad plasma depletions measured by the C/NOFS satellite during deep solar minimum  

»Statistics of GPS scintillations over South America at three levels of solar activity

»Statistics of total electron content depletions observed over the South American continent for the year 2008  

»C/NOFS satellite observations of equatorial ionospheric plasma structures supported by multiple ground-based diagnostics in October 2008  

»Comparison of total electron content predicted using the IRI-2007 model with GPS observations over Lagos, Nigeria     

»Diseño de un mapa ionosférico como soporte al desarrollo y la implementación de gbas, precisión de aproximación categoría I en colombia    

»Longitudinal variation of equatorial spread F occurrence over South America    


»The November 2004 superstorm: Comparison of low-latitude TEC observations with LLIONS model results 

»Specification of the occurrence of equatorial ionospheric scintillations during the main phase of large magnetic storms within solar cycle 23 

»Impact of sudden stratospheric warmings on equatorial ionization anomaly 

»Comparison of storm time equatorial ionospheric electrodynamics in the African and American sectors    

»Results from the C/NOFS Satellite obtained during the Current Deep Solar Minimum    

»Análise do tec e cintilações em diferentes latitudes no setor brasileiro através do sistema gps da rede univap    

»Cinemática de las placas nazca y sudamericana y zonas de acoplamiento en la interfaz de subduccion del peru a partir de datos gps (red LISN)  

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