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LISN database user rules

* Due to COVID-19, some of our instruments have not been re-initiated. We hope to solve this temporary problem when transportation in Peru and other countries in South America resumes.

This document describes the general guidelines for the use of the data managed by the LISN network. A set of rules and conditions intended to accomplish our scientific goals are given and which the users agree to respect.

Data generated by the geophysical LISN stations and its partners have two objectives: education and scientific research. Some of this data is not freely available and its use requires the creation of an authorized account, that should be requested to In most of the cases only the person's name, email and the institution he represents will be required, however, in case that the requested data belongs to one of our partners we will put you in contact with the principal researcher. The images of processed data are available with no restrictions.

A reference to the LISN project must be included in every publication that uses data from this network. The reference goes as follow: “LISN is a project led by the University of Texas at Dallas in collaboration with the Geophysical Institute of Peru, and other institutions that provide information in benefit of the scientific community”. Once the document has been published, the author must send a notification to LISN for our knowledge.

Coauthorship in scientific of technical publications is not mandatory, however if a member of the LISN team has significantly contributed with the analysis or interpretation of the data, his name should be included in the author list.

LISN scientists and engineers have invested considerable time and effort in the acquisition and processing of the data we manage, however, error free data can not bee warranted, for that reason we strongly suggest contact a member of the team when using our data.

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